Eddie Evans

Spelling in English

The sounds of English do not reflect English spelling meditations. There is no one to one relation between and sounds and the letters we used to symbolize the sounds. There's a few examples of how this works:

Here we find different letters representing the same sound below:

to two too through space through space clues space show Sioux

We can see how each of these words are spelled differently than its neighbors while they all share the same vowel sound.

At times the same matters will have different sounds: below we will find the A pronounced in five different vowel sounds:

Take Matt Call any sofa

Below we will use the S to show how it could be used with three different sounds:

Eddie Evans drinks tea.

Eddie Evans walks for pleasure.

Eddie Evans rights by design.


Refine the word to the above pronounced as we usually find the letter to pronounced. T and pleasure we find the word bearish also sharing the sound is used in a severe. And of course design sounds much like a zoo.

Some combinations of letters out one sound is below: rough, physics, head all share sounds found in GH, pH, MDA.